Carnival – A4 High Quality Art Print


‘Carnival’ – a high-quality A4 print of an original mixed media by Sarah Taffe.

© Sarah Taffe. 2024.


‘Carnival’ – a high-quality A4 print that encapsulates the spirit of celebration and the essence of expression. This piece is a print reproduction of an original mixed media artwork, from fiery tones of orange and red to the deep purples and radiant golds.

Discover a myriad of shapes and patterns that are reminiscent of the jubilant chaos of a festival. Golden accents catch the light, bringing a touch of sparkle and luxury. This artwork invites the viewer to delve into its depths, finding new details upon every inspection.

Printed on premium A4 paper, ‘Carnival’ offers both the amateur art lover and the seasoned collector an opportunity to own a slice of this dynamic celebration by Sarah Taffe. Perfect for adorning your home or office, ‘Carnival’ promises to be a conversation starter and a source of daily inspiration.

Please note that the images on the website contain a watermark (centre) that does not appear on the print.