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According to the TUC more and more employees are working from home that ever before and there are approx 2 million freelance workers in the UK covering a range of industries, myself being one of them.

Offering benefits for both the worker and the client or employer, here are my top reasons to hire a freelancer that works from home.

  • Time management
    Although quite rightly, freelancers tend to stick to the same hours each week, with enough forward planning and with mutual agreement, it’s often possible to arrange for work to be completed ‘out of office hours’. For example, if you have a job that absolutely needs to be completed over a weekend ready for Monday, you may be able to arrange this with a freelancer, where it just wouldn’t be possible to open up the office for one person.
  • You Only Pay for the Time You Need
    It happens in many businesses, sometimes you’re busy other times work drops off a little. In hiring a freelancer you only need to pay for what you use each month, great for the freelancer and great for you and when you know you’re going to be busy you can often arrange lower rates for an agreed number of months worth of work (speak to me if this interests you). Flexible and yet you know you’re not going to get caught short.
  • Specialists
    In hiring a freelancer, you can have a specialist as and when you need it, not all businesses are able to have an expert in all of the fields that they may need on site or the pay roll. In hiring freelancers, the best person for the job is only a few clicks away and it’s great to build up long term working arrangements with some trusted professionals.
  • Cost Cutting
    This one may seem obvious but not only do you only pay for the service as and when you need it but you are not paying for overheads such office space and heating etc.. along with that regular wage.
  • Dedicated Workers
    When you find the right freelancer, you will find that deadlines are respected and work is of a high standard. Every job is important to a freelancer, they know that if you are not pleased with the work or service received then you can simply, without obligation (special contracts aside) choose to work with someone else next week. They aim to please every day.
  • Communication is Easier than Ever
    With continual advances in technology, working with freelancers and ‘keeping in touch’ is easier than ever, from old school phone calls and email to instant messaging and video conference calls with your team, things couldn’t be more simple to maintain contact and view project progression. This also cuts down costs with commuting to meetings.

Generally freelancers love what they do, and this gives them an edge, an enthusiasm and passion for their craft that is not always found with an employee. That and the fact that their wage isn’t guaranteed unless they please their clients,  job after job, month after month.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about my freelance working process or would like a project quotation.