Radio City – A4 High Quality Art Print


‘Radio City’ – a high-quality A4 print of an original mixed media by Sarah Taffe.

© Sarah Taffe. 2024.


This dynamic A4 print captures the vibrant essence of New York City with a focus on the iconic Radio City Music Hall. Inspired by my recent (Feb’ 2024) trip to the Big Apple, this mixed media piece is a symphony of bold textures and rich, fiery hues that evoke the perpetual energy of the city that never sleeps.

The artwork is a playful yet sophisticated take on urban architecture, with layered elements that create a palpable sense of depth and movement. The neon lights of Radio City Music Hall’s marquee shine brightly, beckoning to the hordes of dreamers and doers that New York City calls its own.

This piece is an invitation to the viewer to dive into the heart of Manhattan, to feel the pulsating rhythms and to bask in the glow of its storied streets. A must-have for aficionados of urban landscapes and lovers of New York, this print will infuse any space with the allure and ambition of the metropolis.

Please note that the images on the website contain a watermark (centre) that does not appear on the print.